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Striped Christmas Stockings July 06 2018

New! Striped Christmas stockings for 2018

striped hand knit Christmas stockings

Hark! A new angel Christmas stocking May 08 2018

New for Christmas 2018! A personalized angel Christmas stocking!

Christmas stockings are the perfect personalized wedding gift April 18 2018

Personalized Christmas stockings are the perfect wedding gift for a new couple. Starting married life with matching hand made Christmas stockings kicks off a tradition that you can give for each new member of the couples family! Christmas stockings are beloved gifts that will be used and cherished year after year. 

personalized wedding gifts Christmas stockings

Santa Train Christmas Stocking June 16 2017

It may be the beginning of summer, but it's always Christmas here at Hand Knit Holiday! We've been working hard since January on lots (and lots) of new Christmas stockings! We had so many great designs it was hard to pick what to launch. As we're working on new photography, I'll share some of the new designs  here, so be sure to check back.

Our Bernat stockings have been best sellers for many years, it may be the vintage patterns that people are looking to add to, or maybe it's the fun details like sequence and beads. We are very excited to add to this collection with an adorable Christmas train stocking.

Bernat Train Christmas Stocking