News from the Nice List

Santa Train Christmas Stocking June 16 2017

It may be the beginning of summer, but it's always Christmas here at Hand Knit Holiday! We've been working hard since January on lots (and lots) of new Christmas stockings! We had so many great designs it was hard to pick what to launch. As we're working on new photography, I'll share some of the new designs  here, so be sure to check back.

Our Bernat stockings have been best sellers for many years, it may be the vintage patterns that people are looking to add to, or maybe it's the fun details like sequence and beads. We are very excited to add to this collection with an adorable Christmas train stocking.

Bernat Train Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings and family traditions July 24 2014

Throughout the year we get lots of wonderful emails from customers who are excited to find someone to help them carry on their family tradition of making hand knit Christmas stockings for new members of their families. They usually begin something like this:

"I CAN'T believe you make the EXACT same Christmas stocking my great aunt Betty made for me when I was a baby! It is 34 years old and I still use it! In fact, you even sell the stocking she made for my brother and cousin! I had a baby last year and my great aunt Betty can't knit anymore. I am so sad because I want my daughter to have a hand knitted stocking - and I even just bought one for my husband too! Thank you!!!"

You have no idea how happy this makes US here at Hand Knit Holiday! Making hand knitted Christmas stockings for families is a true labor of love. It takes a long time to knit each Christmas stocking by hand - between eight and ten hours are spent knitting each one. But knowing that these stockings are going to carry on a family tradition makes the time knitting them well spent. 


Thank you & happy holidays

Vintage Christmas stocking patterns July 19 2014

As a professional knitter I have a real affinity for vintage knitting patterns. I especially love vintage Christmas stocking knitting patterns. I spend (entirely too much) time trolling places like ebay, yard sales, thrift shops, and the internet searching for these vintage patterns. I have amassed quite a collection over the years! 


There are a few Christmas stocking patterns that allude me. The Knit-O-Graph company published graph style knitting patterns in the 1950's. Their easy to follow patterns were very popular, especially their designs for children's sweaters, adult and children's socks, and super fun Christmas stockings. Oh how I want to get my hands on those Christmas stocking patterns!!! I know if I am persistent someone will post one for sale on ebay or etsy. 


Why are these Knit-O-Graf Christmas stocking patterns so elusive? It is easy enough to find the Knit-O-Graf sweater, necktie, and sock knitting patterns but no Christmas stocking patterns. I believe that is because the Christmas stocking patterns were the most treasured - even today if a family member dies the relatives will often hold on to the Christmas stocking patterns in hopes that someone will carry on the tradition of knitting Christmas stockings for new members of the family. Alas, I will wait...

Or, maybe you have one? Care to share?

Knit-o-Graf Christmas Stocking Pattern