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Christmas stockings are the perfect personalized wedding gift

Christmas stockings are the perfect personalized wedding gift

Personalized Christmas stockings for couplesPersonalized Christmas stockings are the perfect wedding gift for a new couple. Starting married life with matching hand made Christmas stockings kicks off a tradition that you can give for each new member of the couples family! Christmas stockings are beloved gifts that will be used and cherished year after year. 

 We have many great his and hers stockings to choose from. From the super traditional Santa and Mrs Claus stockings, to our many girl-boy stocking sets like the Gingerbread Boy and Girl:

Personalized knit Christmas stocking for boysPersonalized knit Christmas stocking for girls

 Jolly Rowley and Jolly Holly elves:

Personalized his her Christmas stockings


and Rudolph and his lady friend Clarice:

Rudolph Clarice Hand Knit Christmas Stockings 

As the couples family grows you can add to their stockings for each new baby. Christmas stockings make shower gift buying easy! 


 Christmas stocking personalization