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How long will it take for my personalized Christmas stockings to ship?

We need 3-5 days to personalize and ship your Christmas stocking. As we get closer to the holidays the wait time may be longer due to a high volume of orders. To avoid this, order early!

Where will my Christmas stockings ship from?

We will ship your Christmas stocking from our workshop in New Jersey.

Are your Christmas stockings knitted on machines or are they really knit by hand?

We knit each of our Christmas stockings by hand - just like your grandma used to. We begin knitting in early spring and usually finish sometime in the summer. It takes about 8 to 10 hours to hand knit each Christmas stocking but the result is SO worth it! Christmas stockings are meant to last a lifetime so we believe putting in the time is worth it..

How big are your Christmas stockings?

Our Christmas stockings all measure approximately 14 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length.

Which direction do the toes of the stockings point?

All of our Christmas stockings point to the left, like an L.

We have old stockings and they point to the right (like a J), can you make Christmas stockings for us that point to the right?

Sorry, but all of our Christmas stockings point to the left (like an L) Since we make our stockings early in the year it is not possible for us to customize them.

Our family has always used Christmas stockings from my grandmother's old pattern. If I send you the pattern(s) could you make them for us?

It doesn't hurt to ask - as long as you are not asking in the middle of our Christmas rush - it can get hectic around here between November and December! If we're not too swamped there is a good chance we can make your stockings.

How should we store our Hand Knit Holiday Christmas stockings?

Our Christmas stockings are knit from high quality wool yarn. We recommend storing them in a zipped bag to keep them fresh and ready for next Christmas.

I like the character stockings for my children but something more simple for my husband and I like the stripes. Can I mix and match any of your Christmas stocking designs?

Yes! All of our Christmas stockings have been knit using the same red, green and white yarns so they all look great together.