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New Personalized Christmas Stockings

New Personalized Christmas Stockings

One of the very first Christmas stockings we ever made was the was the Santa stocking shown here. We are so excited to add to this beloved family of stockings.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Our adorable snowman stocking was designed to compliment our classic vintage Santa stocking. The top of the has to Christmas trees decorated with hand sewn sequins. The adorable snowman has been embellished with beaded eyes mouth and buttons, a red hat and a long knitted scarf with sweet tassels. The holly wreath at the foot of the Christmas stocking has hand tied French knots.

Personalized Vintage Christmas Stocking
Light the way with our beautiful candle Christmas stocking. Designed from a 1920's knitting pattern the candle stocking features two Christmas trees at the top that we hand sew multi colored sequins and beads. This touch of sparkle illuminates this classic Christmas stocking. The candle is a symbol of advent and of the winter solstice. At the foot of this stocking is a lovely wreath with holly berries made from hand tied French knots.  
Candle Tree Christmas Stocking

Toot toot! Make way for Santa as he delivers by way of the Polar Express! This Christmas stocking is perfect for any train lover. It features Santa with a real beard, driving the train with a real bell attached to it. Santa will not stop until all the presents are delivered. 

Personalized Train Christmas Stocking

The real beard Santa of this classic Christmas stocking design will delight everyone. His sweet face and fuzzy beard make this stocking a classic since the 1920's. The crossed candy canes finish the foot of this very traditional hand knit Christmas stocking. 
Bernat Santa Christmas Stocking