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Bernat Christmas Stockings

Personalized Christmas StockingsBernat Yarns was founded in Massachusetts by Emile Bernat in the early 1900's. His company quickly grew to be one of the most respected yarn companies of the 20th century. During this time they published hundred's (perhaps thousands?) of knitting patterns and knitting kits. One of their most popular knitting products was their Christmas stocking knitting kits. The Bernat Christmas stocking kits came complete with a detailed knitting pattern, yarn, and embellishments like beads and sequins. To many families, the Bernat Christmas stockings are treasured family heirlooms. It was a tradition for the knitter in the family to knit a Christmas stocking for new members of the families like babies and newly weds. In fact, my own mother has her Bernat Christmas stocking that was knit for her in the 1940's. She even brings it with her when she travels to our home for Christmas! For that reason we knew we had to find a vintage Bernat Christmas stocking patterns. We searched for months and finally came across two of the original patterns! Since the embellishments we an important design element to the Bernat Christmas stockings we take the time to embellish our Bernat Christmas stockings too! 

 The Christmas tree Bernat Stocking has beads and sequins sewn onto the Christmas tree just as a loving grandmother would have done at the turn of the century.


The Bernat Santa Christmas stocking had been knit with a special novelty yarn to make Santa's beard stand out. 

Children of all ages will love these traditional Bernat Christmas stockings!